This new earpiece offers live voice translation

 You have downloaded this highly rated Korean or Chinese or French film. You have no clue of what is spoken until you follow the subtitles. How annoying of a movie watching experience is that? You cannot understand the depth of the dialogues. Following the subtitle text should be tiring. Now you have a hard core solution to that. The solution comes in the form of Translate One2One earpiece. It translates every whisper with high level precision. The accuracy of the translation is something to be impressed with. All you need is a display, the earpiece and a smart device to install the app.

What is it?

Translate One2One is an earpiece that costs you around $180. It does amazing translation work, thanks largely to machine learning tech that comes along with it. It features in the IBM Watson NLP platform. It is capable of completing translation queries in less than 3 seconds.

How it works?

The earpiece capture sounds coming from the smart device. It processes the audio as data. It translates it into the language you prefer. It picks up every word, whisper and breath.

No pronunciation hurdles…

The device tackles stumbling blocks in a unique way. It understands local slangs and dialects through extended database. Syllables vary greatly in different languages. One2One understand them perfectly. It translates sentence by sentence rather than phrase by phrase.

Features on offer:

The earpiece currently supports Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and UK and US versions of English. With 3G connectivity, it is an independent earpiece. It eliminates the need for WiFi or Bluetooth to get translation done.

About Lingmo Inc.:

Lingmo belongs to the reputed Australian company, Lingmo International. Their motto is to fill the void for reliable translation app. They thrive to provide timely and accurate translation for voice as well as text.